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Bring the Power, Bring the Light: The Lighting Zone

The Light Painting is done by Marko93.  These are “behind the scenes” shots of us in Production……

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Texas by Light is, more than anything, an exercise in relying on a team to make it all come together.  We had many people help out and one in particular is Mark Clark and The Lighting Zone

We had a pretty amazing shoot in Austin at Moore’s Crossing Bridge. This is reportedly a haunted bridge. We thought this would be a great spot to do some of the Projection light painting and we had this crazy-cool massive white silk that Maggie Poorman loaned us for just this type of occasion. The problem was how to rig and power the projector.

Enter The Lighting Zone….Mark provided us with the critical gear we needed to mount our projector safely in the field and also a great ultra-quiet Honda generator for power. These items are nothing compared to the massive inventory of Production and Lighting gear Mark regularly provides his clients. “Your success is our success” is the motto at The Lighting Zone. Mark made our production a success.

The Lighting Zone Inc. offers lighting and grip equipment for sale and rent. Houston based, TLZ is owned and operated by industry professionals with more than 30 years of set experience including: motion pictures, television series, video production and still photography assignments.

Check out their Gallery!

The Lighting Zone Powered this shoot. Light Painting by Marko93.

Thanks Mark!

The Light Painting is done by Marko93


Classic Iconography with a Futurist Twist

Classic iconography with a futurist twist
We all want to leave our mark on the world.  The monuments of our past remind us of the traditions form which we have come.  We have historically sought to leave the marks of our passage on the architecture of our ancestors.  Light Painting offers a distinctly futurist approach to the idea of re-contextualizing the monuments of our past into the visual future we are constructing around ourselves.
A visual future at our command
Access to unprecedented technology has democratized the tools of media manipulation.  While technology continues to offer vast, exponentially multiplying options, content and performance have always been the fundamentals.  As we move closer to a more unified, real-time interaction with developing technologies the artist morphs these relationships in surprising and evocative ways that offer us formative insights into our perspective spatial relationships with reality, technology, each other and ourselves.
You have to be there
The process of interacting with spaces is significant.  Engaging with the environment imbues the artist with gestural interpretations. Reinterpreting the spaces we inhabit is a sensitive feedback process that simultaneously utilizes and redefines space.

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