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Classic Iconography with a Futurist Twist

Classic iconography with a futurist twist
We all want to leave our mark on the world.  The monuments of our past remind us of the traditions form which we have come.  We have historically sought to leave the marks of our passage on the architecture of our ancestors.  Light Painting offers a distinctly futurist approach to the idea of re-contextualizing the monuments of our past into the visual future we are constructing around ourselves.
A visual future at our command
Access to unprecedented technology has democratized the tools of media manipulation.  While technology continues to offer vast, exponentially multiplying options, content and performance have always been the fundamentals.  As we move closer to a more unified, real-time interaction with developing technologies the artist morphs these relationships in surprising and evocative ways that offer us formative insights into our perspective spatial relationships with reality, technology, each other and ourselves.
You have to be there
The process of interacting with spaces is significant.  Engaging with the environment imbues the artist with gestural interpretations. Reinterpreting the spaces we inhabit is a sensitive feedback process that simultaneously utilizes and redefines space.


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